Marcus Laux

“The surgeon cuts, The physician sutures; It is nature alone that heals.”


Dr. Marcus Laux is a licensed naturopathic physician, with a doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). He has served as clinical professor at NCNM and is adjunct faculty at Bastyr University. Dr Laux is a recognized natural health pioneer with decades of private family practice, a scientific advisory board chairman for leading natural medicine innovators, and a best-selling author.

Laux testified before the Clinton Presidential Commission on Dietary Supplements, and has presented novel nutritional research at the United Nations and The Washington Press Club. He is an advisory member at Traditional Life Sciences, a Toronto-based natural health company. As a series regular, he presented the latest nutritional information in his Natural Medicine Update on the weekly PBS TV program Healing Quest. Dr. Laux’s most recent book is The New Memory Advantage (2012).


Self love is self care which is the first and highest form of healthcare say Dr. Marcus Laux. He explains why love is the most part of our life and the key to our health, but the love we have within our selves. Healing our selves says Laux is the ultimate inside job.

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