Marc Saltzman

“Tech it out.”


Marc Saltzman is one of North America’s most recognizable and trusted tech experts, specializing in consumer electronics, Internet trends and interactive entertainment. Marc has authored 15 books since 1996 and currently contributes to nearly 50 high-profile publications in North America, including Toronto Star, USA Today, AARP, MSN, Yahoo!, Costco Connection, Postmedia, Media Planet, The Loop, Movie Entertainment and Rogers Connected. Marc hosts various video segments, including “Gear Guide” (seen at Cineplex movie theatres and sister chains across Canada) and is a regular guest on CNN, CNN International and CTV’s Canada AM. Marc also hosts “Tech Talk,” a syndicated radio spot across Canada. Marc lives in Toronto with his wife Kellie and three children.


Marc Saltzman introduces new tech software of special interest to the Zoomer, everything from the latest gadgets to assist in Aging in Place, with e-Pill reminders to apps that detect the deviation from an established routine to help determine if Mum and Dad and are eating or getting up out of bed as normal. Marc is able to breakdown these complex new apps into easy to understand tools.


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