John Bootsma

“The spirit and the soul have this degree of battle and in our culture we tend to feed the soul and we don’t feed the spirit so much.”


John Bootsma provides spiritual leadership to Catch The Fire, Toronto Airport Campus, home to a phenomenon that swept the globe as the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and has attracted several million seekers from across the globe since 1994.

As a University of Western Ontario alumni and former banker of seven years, John’s passion resides in investing in people and seeing their hearts and lives transformed as they encounter the depths of the revelatory love and presence of God as Father.

Together with his wife Patricia, they also travel to the nations bringing awakening to people’s spirits as it pertains to revelation of the supernatural, eternal and miraculous.

As parents of six fabulous children and two grandchildren, John and Patricia believe that investing in their family is foundational to their prolonged long-term impact in society and culture.


John speaks to the need for us all to awaken the spirit within us all, in order to find the true happiness and peace we all seek.


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