Anthony Melman

Nothing is more important in life than life itself


We might start by just considering the invitation to let our eye be single

Michael Kaeshammer

It’s a lover you have to play the whole box

Mariana Adshade

On the market for sex and love, I can only trade with someone who is buying what I have to sell and is selling what I want to buy

Marcus Laux

The surgeon cuts, The physician sutures; It is nature alone that heals

John Bootsma

The spirit and the soul have this degree of battle and in our culture we tend to feed the soul and we don’t feed the spirit so much

Howard Cable

The old guy has always done two things…he’s converted every negative into a positive, he’s never let the negatives interfere with his work and career….

Hannaford Street Silver Band

Formed in 1983 by professional musicians with a love of the brass band, the Hannaford Street Silver Band has been reinvigorating the brass band tradition to critical and popular acclaim