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Join us at the 6th Annual ZoomerLife Conference Presented by CARP

ZoomerLife brings together some of the world’s most interesting thinkers to explore new ideas in health, wellness, longevity and radical life extension.

Each October in Toronto, media pioneer and ZoomerMedia Limited Founder Moses Znaimer gathers the world’s most innovative and creative minds on themes centred on Aging, Longevity and Wellness, for the groundbreaking ZoomerLife Conference.

A one-day event modeled on Moses’ prestigious ideacity conference, presenters have 17-minutes on stage to deliver their unscripted, spontaneous Talks. Extended schmooze breaks allow the audience to interact with the remarkable speaker roster about the issues, challenges and innovations that will shape the future of health, medicine and the potential of human achievement.

Previous speakers have included doctors, scientists, researchers, patients, athletes, authors, legal experts, journalists, magicians, advocates, caregivers, lobbyists, filmmakers, entertainers, and of course, centenarians.

Watch engaging talks from previous years